Usually, birthday ends up being stuck in a bubble with a long list of thoughts under category ‘must to go through’.

You know, just when you kinda grow up and you are too old to keep things in a closet, so, willingly, sharing with others: ‘oooh look, I still have this one…’

Well, I am 33 years old today and despite of all the funny stuff I write, mostly, in Lithuanian, I must to get serious at some point. For at least five minutes, while sharing the urgent stuff from my bubble news. This time I feel a need to talk about the safety, as It seems to be a world level problem. Of course, I talk automobile sport safety and the concept itself, making it equally important in both, circuit racing or rally. However, the fact that FIA keeps it prioritized does not let me to emphasis this topic as mine own.

What is that ‘safety’

Let’s start with a concept. I am not walking-google person, however, it is quite clear, that there is not a lot of space for discussions as safety has it all: starting with a feeling it is safe, letting to watch the race being safe, to drive making sure it is safe, to work safely as a marshal. Putting your ‘know-how’ being safe. Just in general. Safe spot, safe car construction, wise spectator, competence in marshal’s eyes or even angel behind your left shoulder – all of it could be a part (and, of course, it is) of safety. I guess, even destiny plays a strong role in this safety game. Any type of element we involve making sure others are ‘O.K’ might be considered as part of the safety: “stop” band, knowing the rules, thinking further than five minutes ahead, as well, as thinking of others instead yourself. Even decisions, we make after long discussion with others – it is a part of safety as we already made a tiny discussion instead of making decision counting our own competence. Or even non-competence. The last matter is especially important, if, for example, 7 or 8 individuals tell you are wrong, but you keep insisting you are genius. Sorry mate, it is time to stop and think.

Basically, safety is good priorities and knowledge. Oh, the knowledge especially! Great example of knowledge importance is demonstrated by rally organizers everywhere, here in Lithuania and abroad, while next to information of special stages there are detailed schemes of ‘where NOT to stand’ as a spectator…and all this material is usually made based on physics not the dream the organizer had last night.

Safety is everything we are ready to do to make sure, that everyone involved ARE SAFE, starting from our own team we work with, going further to spectators and those, who race and compete. Safety is about all that environment we create along with responsibilities we have.

Especially valued safety is when we take our overgrown EGO off the table and we put it into the back pocket, along with words “I need your help, as you know better.”, avoiding inventing bicycle for the 17-th time. Not usable bicycle, of course.

Safety is when we take time to measure nine times and spent five minutes on cutting, not a vice versa. Safety is when we are smart enough to know about the responsibilities of events we make, race or watch.

The role of mentality

Continuing the topic of safety, I think we should compare the level of safety we have here, in our local market events and for example in WRC rally Monte Carlo, happening at the moment. So, does the safety here differs from the safety over there?

Of course NOT.

Why? Because, even though, we have almost equal regulations, we really have the same physics. They laws of physics do not change driving in another country and car after crash does not become a soft soap bubble, painlessly exploding in the air while driver, at the same time, lands securely onto comfy couch, already having ‘Mojito’ in his hand. Just a like stress relief. Nope, it doesn’t happen.

Do you know what the main differences are? Surroundings. Mentality.

Of course, I don’t mean to say that Lithuania is the country of virility and idiots. We have those everywhere. There are not only Lithuanian idiots in the world, there are Italian idiots, Greek idiots, German idiots and etc. Why the hell it is important?

Because we are not the country of the third world, we know how to read, write, and, most important – how to think. We do not live in trees. We have opinion and we can make decisions. I want to believe, that the right ones.

Where did this all come from? So many thoughts and disappointment and need to talk about quite obvious elements? Experience. Everything comes from experience of those, who drive, organize or fly to watch rallies and competitions all around the world. About safety issues and danger moments being soooo close, just behind the corner.

It all came from long discussions about events else-where and local games we play here. Especially, evaluating the mentality of our nation and all the individual discussions and attention paid to each members’ thought or even childish whims. We listen to all the idiotic ideas and suggestions, while other countries would show where the doors are located. This is our mentality. Not the ‘listening’ part: the ‘crying and being in a pet’ one.

Lithuania is too young country to be really independent, standing for its’ interests, beliefs, tracks, athletes. Too young to talk about the truth being silent and damage made towards the automobile sports as well as irresponsible attitude towards safety of our owns. We are small country consisting small groups of individual who cares, that silently talks out the damages and common problems to those, who understand and care. Small groups of individuals, that become important and responsible when only something serious happens.

Than everyone that ignored any idea of safety being mandatory, and those we teased and diminished the part of society who cared (too old to be fun part of society), they are quiet than. All the attention belongs to boring part of society that were too old to be fun. And for those five minutes, we know better. We are good. And for those five minutes, once again, we talk about safety when others really listens.

I have heard that Lithuania is becoming more like western country. Well, I guess, it is truth: more western country financially-wise, we know more languages, we travel. We share our experiences.

However, it is sad, that our trip to be more ‘western’ started from a wrong side. Our mentality did not change.

We are still that small country that was kicked, bullied and we still painfully remember the 13th of January, we still talk about the banishment to Siberia… We still being sad nation, asking for pity and sympathy, at the same time, forgetting our own duties. Same thing is in automobile sport.

Not THEY create the feeling of safety. Not THEY are Lithuania. Not THEY are the automobile sport society. Not THEY are federation foundation.

YOU are. YOU are all that. I AM, too.

Lets’ start from ourselves.

I’m for the safety.

I suggest to leave the caprices along with EGO behind the doors. Automobile sports – too small society to be drawn apart. Sometimes we see the enemy where it does not exist.

Basically, before accepting stupid decision, or the decision we deep down know id wrong – just talk to people who know.

It is just like reading the detailed information about the pill you are planning to take.